New York City Community Boards

For those interested in becoming more active or knowledgeable members of their community, attending or participating in community board meetings is a useful first step. Local government websites should outline relevant locations and dates; residents of New York City can consult the city’s website.

The “look up your community board” link actually directs the user to the useful NYCityMap tool. Using the Advanced Search function to the right of the map allows the user to quickly drill down to specific buildings (where data is available). Reams of information are included: as granular as specific building ECB violations and tax and property records, to broad information about capital projects, city programs, health facilities, cultural institutions, etc.

Included in an advanced search result is an expandable facet “Neighborhood Information.” In this section is the name of the building’s community district, as well as a link to the district website.

Each district website varies in appearance and navigation, but all should include dates of monthly meetings, along with minutes of past meetings and/or agendas for upcoming meetings.


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