I’m a concerned citizen committed to a better society for everyone. I’m always looking for resources that are rich with verifiable information and/or guidance on positive acts.

I’m a digital archivist by profession (a modern technical way to say, “I went to library school and learned how to organize digital things”), so I decided to start storing and organizing the most useful resources I’ve found.

I’m a writer who doesn’t write so much anymore, but has the itch to write again. Particularly about something meaningful.

I’m a musician and DJ, so one of my many biases is to make the arc of justice bend its ass to a fonky-ass beat.

I’m a flawed human being because I use words like “ass” and “fonky-ass.”

I’m a normal human being because I use words like “ass” and “fonky-ass.”

I’m your neighbor, brother, son, father, homie, fellow human being and I’d like to help us all make a just world for everyone.